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Annapolis Youth Park

Annapolis Royal
Youth and adults working together, we envisioned the creation of an inclusive park in the Annapolis Royal Area that is welcoming to people of all ages and diverse interests. Our park has excellent sk ... [ More Info ]

Hantsport Memorial Community Centre

The Hantsport Memorial Community Centre (HMCC) operates as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance and provision of facilities for recreational, cultural, athletic and educational ... [ More Info ]

Kings County Skatepark, coming soon

Our Vision To build a state-of-the art skatepark in Kentville that serves as a recreational gathering place for people of all ages. There is an opportunity in our region to construct a world-class de ... [ More Info ]

Skate Park, Village of New Minas

New Minas
Small 5 ft. deep bowl water falling into a 6 ft. bowl with hips on both sides. There is also a ledge to skate on the flat deck area. Skate Park Rules and Regulations: 1. Helmets and other protective ... [ More Info ]

Windsor Waterfront Skatepark, Town of Windsor

Off Hwy. 101, take Exit 6 onto Water St. The skatepark is located along the Lake Pisiquid waterfront (behind the Windsor Mall (Scotiabank)) and can accommodate skateboards, scooters, and bmx bikes. H ... [ More Info ]